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I have been reading my old posts on this blog and reflecting on memories that we have as a family. Irie just started her junior year in high school and got her driver's license.  Francella is a Freshman in high school and just is on the Sophomore's volleyball team.  Kenny is in the 8th grade and seems to be doing better this year than last now that he is more familiar with junior high routines and classes. Itula is in 6th grade and his last year in elementary and he is nervous about junior high.  Ilaisaane is enjoying her new teacher in 4th grade and she looks forward to school every day.  Hunter is so excited about being in Ilaisaane's previous teachers class but always looks forward to being at home to play games and with his toys.  We are looking forward to the 2018-2019 school year and all that the kids will accomplish but at the same time, we are sad that they have grown up so fast! We love you kids! Have a great school year! ❤ 2018 ❤ 2017

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